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Over the last 50 years, PT Pioneer has met a variety of challenges and taken advantage of opportunities to bring the company to the position it holds today. Our joint ventures, the results of our continues efforts to reach out for profitable business opportunities includes:

PT Yanmar Diesel Indonesia
Established in 1972, its manufacturing plant is located at Sukmajaya subdistrict in the administrative township of Depok, and occupies an area of 42,870sql. PT Yanmar Diesel Indonesia started commercial production of its products on June 8, 1973, and is the first manufacturer and exporter of diesel engines in Indonesia.
With its motto of "staying in Front through Unity", and backed by sophisticated technology, PT. Yanmar Diesel Indonesia manufactures diesel engines in accordance with international standard requirements in capacities of 5 HP to 35 HP, and in quantities of up to 35,000 units p.a, enabling it to meet both domestic and international market demand for its products in the agricultural, marine and construction sectors.

PT Yanmar Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Indonesia
Established in 1975, its manufacturing plant is located at Desa Sumberejo, Kec. Pandaan, Kab. Pasuruan, East Java.
With the core business in agricultural equipment, PT Yanmar Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Indonesia manufactures 4 wheel tractor, power tiller, mini tiller, paddy reaper, and rice mill equipment.

PT Dinamika Setya Mesin
Established in 1976, PT Dinamika Setya Mesin is a joint venture with the core business in manufacturing and distribution of gasoline engines.

PT Omron Manufacturing of Indonesia
Established in 1991 and in affiliation with Omron Corporation Japan, PT Omron Manufacturing of Indonesia has continually been at the leading-edge of electronic component development.
A variety of high precision components ranging from sensors, relays and switches to controllers and connectors are manufactured. Not limited to factory automation, Omron components are indispensable to a wide array of office and telecommunications equipment as well as in consumer electronics.

PT Ichikoh Indonesia
Established in 1997, PT Ichikoh Indonesia is the manufacturer of automotive lamps and mirrors that maintains a large domestic market share in cooperation with major Indonesian automotive industries.