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Yanmar Diesel Engines PDF Print E-mail

Image As the first company to develop practical small-size diesel engines and has manufactured over 15 million diesel engines, Yanmar has been the pinnacle of technology and innovation in diesel engines.

Yanmar's continuous development programme, dedicated to optimize engine design, allows it to offer one of the most advanced and comprehensive ranges of purpose-build diesel engines available today. Yanmar's machine provide power to industrial, agricultural and marine equipments with a focus on customer centric applications.

Browse through the products that PT Pioneer has to offer as the sole distributor of Yanmar engines throughout Indonesia:

Distributor Products

ImageLA-DTM Series Diesel Engines
Air cooled diesel engines with capacity ranging from 3.4 - 10 hp (2.5 - 7.4 Kw)

ImageTNE Series Diesel Engines
Water cooled diesel engines with capacity ranging from 11.5 - 68.5 hp (8.8 - 51.1 Kw)

ImageYS Series Diesel Generators
Diesel generators with the capacity ranging from 275 - 550 kVA

ImageYDG Series Diesel Generators
Generator Sets for power and economy

Image YAMAGEN Power Generators YTG Series
World Class diesel generating sets fot high specification generating plant.

Image Large Industrial Engines
Diesel equipments for large buildings, providing reliability and world-class performance.

Image Small, Medium and Large Marine Engines
The professional choice, whether the requirement is for powerboat engines, sterndrive engines or sailboat auxiliaries. Yanmar offers the largest range of raw water cooled engines designed specifically for the marine industry.

The range extends From 9hp to 4500hp with a vast variety of transmission options.